Interview: Willy Moon | Popdust Style

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It was Willy Moon’s track  "Yeah Yeah" in an iPod Touch commercial that first made our ears perk up. Now, with a recent performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and an LP that’s gathering much fanfare Moon is definitely one to watch this 2013. While his music may have caught our ears, it’s his style that caught our eye. Names and references like Buddy Holly and Rockabilly often pop up when describing the crooner who’s currently making his way ‘round the U.S.

The New Zealand born, London expat favors suits, shiny brogues and a perfectly coiffed quiff. You’ll never catch him in a baseball cap, or Jesus piece. And while there’s nothing wrong with the aforementioned, his style is like a badge of authenticity to his sound and a much-needed breath of fresh air. We also loved his recent tweet banning jeans and t-shirts. We recently caught up with Moon just before his appearance on Jay Leno to pick his brain about style, here’s what he had to say:

With your slim Saville Row tailoring and retro sound, I have to ask…who are some of your style inspirations? I watch old movies including a lot of French New Wave. The men in those films are examples of how to look and be elegant but still very masculine. I also like creepy looking people, like the bad guy. The villain is way cooler than the good guy.

Who are some of your favorite designers and or/labels? I’m sample size now so I have suits from Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and YSL . I like really classically tailored beautiful clothes. It makes me feel like I’m more powerful.

Are there any other artists out there dead or alive, who inspire your music? I’m very inspired by David Bowie and him being such a chameleon and his constant reinvention of himself. He’s one of those artists that create’s his own world. I also really love James Blunt’s music. It’s such a beautiful sound.

What staples do you always keep around in your closet? Turtlenecks when I’m not working, I’m always in them. I definitely love that you can look good and still tailored and feel relaxed in them. Wool trousers, and blue velvet slippers are also essentials. I wear a lot of navy blue.

How does style inspire you? Dressing up is so important it gives you something to grasp on to. Music and every kind of art is about escaping and finding something more exotic and dressing up in great clothes is an extension of that.